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About us

About us

Ergonomic, modern and comfortable: our decades-long recipe for success in kitchen and furniture design is based on premium quality and precise material processing in a wide range of design variants. This is how we offer you long-lasting dream kitchens that still meet individual requirements even after many years. Experience the best ergonomic conditions and complete planning freedom with us.

Precise production to the very last detail.

Our modern, computer-aided production and know-how of our staff ensure a continuously high product quality and short delivery times for our satisfied customers. Convince yourself.

Flexible custom-made products.

On the basis of a consistent grid we focus on ergonomics and planning freedom thus providing the best conditions for a kitchen that meets all our requirements in an especially good way.
Concept for creatives.

Three different heights for floor cabinets and six for wall cabinets provide a perfect setting for customised kitchen planning. And thanks to drawer cabinets with a width of up to 120 cm and a compelling colour range in high-gloss varnish and melamine, we are in line with current trends and can realise almost all of our customers’ wishes.

Custom-fit for every room.

Due to a variety of different cabinets, our program hardly leaves a wish.

However, if any cabinet is too high, deep or wide, we will adapt it – proceeding sensitively.

Reliable as a principle.

A kitchen front is in motion: In order that opening and closing will be fun many years, we use well tried and tested fittings and pull-out systems.

Precisely drilled, perfectly assembled. Computer-based drilling programs make sure that each drilling has been positioned with milimetre precision. In order that doors, drawers, pull-outs, flap doors and swing doors have been located correctly and will open and close many years without any problems.

Uncompromisingly critical.

With a critical eye the quality management checks material, intermediate products and our final product in terms of all production steps, thus assuring that quality and function are top and our kitchen leave production free from defects.

As much automated as possible.

From receipt of order until loading, our kitchen is not only in the best hands, but both digitally and fully automated on its way to the customer. Graphical order entry, error checking and digital data transfer to the machine park reduce errors and make speed.

As individual as required.

Quality is most important to us. Therefore, we trust our fully automated production and continue investing in the optimisation of our operational processes. However, wherever it makes sense, we put our hands to the task of customising our kitchens according to our customer’s requirements.

Our exhibition centre.

Our exhibition centre in Kirchlengern is one of the most modern exhibition centres for kitchens in North Rhine-Westphalia. Experience the variety on 2000 m² with new concepts and interesting partners!

Your way to our exhibition centre:

Klosterbauerschafter Straße 27
32278 Kirchlengern / Germany