High Line

  • Programme 1: Eco PG 2
  • Door: 28015 Satin Grey
  • Programme 2: Artwood PG 2
  • Door: 25049 Walnut Dark
  • Carcase: 015 Satin Grey
  • Worktop: 450 Walnut Dark
artego Küchen - Q3

Available colours:

PG 2 / Eco

28001 White
28001 White
28015 Satin Grey
28015 Satin Grey
28003 Magnolia
28003 Magnolia
28018 Indigo Blue
28018 Indigo Blue

PG 2 / Artwood

artego Küchen - 25009 Wildeiche Rustikal
25009 Wild Oak Rustic
artego Küchen - 25022 Stone Oak
25022 Stone Oak
artego Küchen – 25036 Silver Oak
25036 Silver Oak
25025 Oak Chestnut
25025 Oak Chestnut
artego Küchen - 25038 Tobacco Oak
25038 Tobacco Oak
artego Küchen - 25049 Nussbaum Dunkel
25049 Walnut Dark

Door 1

28015 Satin Grey

Door 2

artego Küchen - 25049 Nussbaum Dunkel

25049 Walnut Dark


015 Satin Grey


450 Walnut Dark

Base unit diagonal

Well thought-out storage space solutions

Perfectly organised:

Enjoy the new tidiness! Practical drawers, pull-outs, inserts and tidy worktops in trendy colours create a harmonious overall impression. They bring calmness and relaxation into everyday kitchen routines. Everything is how it should be.

To our storage space solutions

Milling for shelves

Efficient lighting systems

Well planned:

Discover our lighting systems! They create a pleasant atmosphere, illuminate individual areas perfectly or set the scene effectively. Efficient LED technology and modern control systems allow lighting concepts to be implemented in an ideal way.

To our equipment solutions

Discover our innovations!

artego – stands out and stands for art, personality and lifestyle. Your feel-good kitchen is created in the heart of Bad Oeynhausen directly on the A30.

We are specialists for the most important room in the house – the kitchen. Our kitchens are ergonomic, timeless, modern and comfortable.

  • artego Küchen GmbH & Co. KG
  • Plant address:
    Zu den Meerwiesen 17
    32549 Bad Oeynhausen
  • Exhibition centre:
    Klosterbauerschafter Straße 27
    32278 Kirchlengern