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Fully lacquered kitchen fronts

Fully lacquered kitchen fronts

Whether matt or high-gloss: our fully lacquered fronts are durable, hard-wearing and waterproof. For an exquisite look for many years.
Front 1: 
  • Fine Pro / 53020 Onyxgrey
Carcase decor: 
  • 020 Onyxgrey
  • 472 Oak Golden Brown  & 
  • 420 Onyx Grey
artego Küchen · Q3
Full thrust
No handle and no frills: thanks to the mechanical “Tip-on” and “Push-to-open” technologies from BLUM allow the bottom drawers of the Q3 SL kitchens to be opened and closed with a single tap. Light, quiet and durable!

A new kitchen is an investment that should pay off for years to come. We build on durable and sustainable quality in the materials that we process into excellent design variants – made in Germany.

Noble glass design

Discover the variety of types of high-quality glass for fronts that allow you to see inside. The interior and cabinet lighting provide an atmospheric lighting atmosphere.

Let yourself be inspired.