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For generations, we have been developing furniture with excellent craftsmanship coupled with innovative technologies that combine design, function and comfort. Among our modern design variants, there is something to suit every taste. We implement personal design ideas made to measure, ensuring optimal space efficiency.




Handle systems

Technical innovations

Designing the utility room sensibly

Our practical tall housing for the utility room is the ideal solution for order and convenience. With its cleverly placed drop-in openings, the cupboard allows for convenient handling and organisation of laundry. This allows you to make the most of your untility room and master everyday life with ease.


Efficient use of space

Discover our new pass-through tall housing that offers you a concealed transition to the utility room behind, while still keeping things tidy and making efficient use of space. Its simple and elegant design helps to keep your utility room an attractive and functional place. All in all, this elegant and practical cupboard is the perfect addition to any modern home decorator who values aesthetics and functionality.


Ergodynamics and innovative design

This practical pull-out cupboard opens up a world of possibilities for you. Enjoy the luxury of a flexible interior that allows you to organise your items perfectly. And how do we do that? Through an intelligent combination of well thought-out ergonomics and innovative design.


Q3-Additional wardrobe types front height 152

Our modern handleless tall housings with a front height of 152 cm allow a continuous front for 140 cm refrigerator niches and successfully combine functionality and aesthetic design. With large surfaces and seamless transitions, they offer a contemporary solution for your kitchen that captivates with simple elegance and at the same time provides sufficient space for your refrigerator.

Tall unit for fridge and freezer 75 cm

Our new fridge/freezer housing with a carcase width of 75 cm offers you the new standard from appliance manufacturers. With a generous refrigerator niche of 194 cm, it allows you to integrate your refrigerator perfectly into the overall picture while creating generous new storage space.

Pull-out system

Design meets functionality. Our new pull-out system offers maximum storage space thanks to high, closed side walls and impresses with its simple design.

Back panel coated on both sides

Our cabinet back panels are now coated on both sides, which significantly increases their resistance. This double coating promotes even tension, minimises deformation and provides protection against moisture. By using modern coating techniques, we offer durable and robust pieces of furniture that meet daily requirements.


The new Q3 side-panels are another option for your individual kitchen design. They feature a standard depth of 59.7 cm. This additional depth dimension allows you a planning which suits optimally your personal needs and the conditions on site.