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Kitchen technology

One kitchen - endless possibilities

A cupboard is by no means just a cupboard – especially not in the kitchen! Rather, the interior design determines what it contains: pots and pans, glasses and plates and, of course, your supplies! Because a well-organised stock keeping is the best recipe for cooks and connoisseurs.



Perfectly assorted

The TANDEMBOX antaro box system from BLUM impresses with its proven quality millions of times over, a high level of ease of movement and a wide range of design options thanks to different colours and heights. All pull-out versions are equipped with a damping system.

Design meets functionality.

Our new pull-out system offers maximum storage space thanks to high, closed side panels and impresses with its simple design.


Innovative technology

CLIP top BLUMOTION concentrates innovative technology, internationally awarded design and comfort of movement in the smallest space.

artego Küchen · Küchentechnik · Clip top Blumotion
artego Küchen · Küchentechnik · Clip top Blumotion

BLUM technologies:
Comfortable movement

The 4 movement technologies make opening and closing furniture even more comfortable and inspire every day anew.

Soft close

For flaps, doors and pull-outs

Opening & soft close

For flaps, pull-outs, refrigerator/freezer
and dishwasher

Opening & soft close

For pullouts


For selected
Flaps and doors

Quality from BLUM

Hinges, flaps and box and guide systems from BLUM impress with their consistently high functionality, even under heavy use. We ensure that our products can withstand the stresses and strains of everyday kitchen use.

artego Küchen · Qualität von BLUM
artego Küchen · Qualität von BLUM

Fitting technology:
Suitable solutions

Our hardware technology brings a variety of movement to tall and wall units: folding, swivelling, lifting or folding – we have the right solution for every installation situation.

Maximum loadable

They can take a beating: Thanks to our robust heavy-duty suspensions, even furniture elements such as this living wall with a high weight load appear to float lightly in the room.

Equipment & Systems

Colour inside

Dipped in graphite: The elegant shade of grey wins out over white and black tones not only in visual terms, but also when it comes to cleaning and the visibility of dust. Enjoy your kitchen in graphite – also available in this colour for the interior of the carcase

Environment accessories​

We offer more: Our surrounding accessories such as base profiles, cheek shoes and much more are now available either in a timeless stainless steel look or in an elegant black.

More storage space, please

With a carcase depth of 35 cm, we offer we offer plenty of storage space in wall cabinets, among other things: There is room for large pizza plates and much more. In addition, we equip all wall cabinets with concealed suspension as standard.

30 cm Pull-out systems:
All at a glance

Pull-out systems simplify and optimise the interior organisation of 30-unit base units in a very individual way.
The YouboXx is simply suspended via the support rails in the frame.


Practically tidied up

The standing and hanging systems offer perfect waste separation for almost every installation situation in the kitchen and household.
Combinable containers enable hygienic waste separation.
Practical accessories allow the containers to be used in a variety of ways, for example to store cleaning products.

artego Küchen ·
Art.-Nr. SPAHM...
artego Küchen · Abfalltrennsysteme
Art.-Nr. SPAM...
artego Küchen · Abfalltrennsysteme
Art.-Nr. SP2AHM...

Top cabinets

The louvre of our top cabinets is easy and ergonomic to operate and reveals a spacious storage area inside without barriers. A 3-socket outlet integrated into the rear wall offers the additional option of connecting kitchen appliances.

Ergodynamics and innovative design

This practical pull-out cupboard opens up a world of possibilities for you. Enjoy the luxury of a flexible interior that allows you to organise your items perfectly. And how do we do that? Through an intelligent combination of well thought-out ergonomics and innovative design.


Hidden place

Design base cabinet with shelf, lighting, glass shelves and TIPON fitting.
artego Küchen · Versteckter Platz
Art.-Nr. URA ... 781
artego Küchen · Versteckter Platz
Art.-Nr. URA ... 78

Stylish and tidy

The bar flap of the cabinet opens gently and quietly downwards to create a tidy bar or living room furniture situation at the same moment.


LeMans: More storage space

LeMans brings zest to the corner.
With its ergonomically shaped tray geometry, the actual storage space increases by up to 70%.
A clear advantage over comparable pull-out cabinets. With its ergonomically shaped tray geometry, the actual storage area increases by up to 70%. A clear advantage over comparable pull-out cupboards.


Movable storage shelf

The mobile storage shelf: plenty of order and overview in stock.
The individually suspended and height-adjustable shelves turn the DISPENSA and DISPENSA JUNIOR into a flexible storage cabinet that offers plenty of storage space in the smallest of footprints.
This creates space, order and a clear overview at the same time.


TANDEM SIDE: Clear and organised

Well organised and clearly arranged: the TANDEM-side shelf offers immediate and direct access when opened and, with height-adjustable shelves, enables completely individual usage variants.


No. 15: Small but mighty!

In a kitchen, every storage space is important, no matter how small it is.
Kesseböhmer’s No. 15 was born out of this realisation, an extra narrow base cabinet pull-out that, placed next to the cooker for example, could be an excellent storage option for your spice collection.


REVO 90: For more individuality

Innovative technology: The control mechanism enables a controlled sequence of movements throughout all phases – from the gentle folding of the doors, through the sweeping rotation, to the automatic closing movement.
Thanks to rotation dampers and “REVOfit”, this becomes an experience.


Halbkreis: Clever solution

The semi-circular swivel fitting makes storage space available in the corner. In kitchens with L- or U-shaped structures, corners are inevitably created that are difficult to use. This simple and cost-effective solution creates storage space in these corners.


Drawer divisions: Elegant frame design

Among other things, the AMBIA-LINE interior partitioning system with elegant frame design keeps drawers and pull-outs tidy.
You can find further partitioning systems in our sales manual.

artego Küchen · Besteckeinsatz Kunststoff
Cutlery tray plastic
artego Küchen · Besteckeinsatz aus Metall
Metal cutlery tray
artego Küchen · Besteckeinsatz mit Aluminiumprofil
Cutlery tray with aluminium profile
artego Küchen · Küchentechnik · Ambialine
Art.-Nr. BEM / AOM / AUO ...


High quality glasses

Our glass variants range from the crystal-clear elegance of clear glass to the striking look of transparent black glass. Whether timeless beauty or modern flair, our range meets every design requirement for your kitchen.

Crystal clear design

Discover the variety of types of high-quality glass for fronts. Black glass, for example, gives a noble impression and allows a glimpse into the interior. The interior and wardrobe lights provide an atmospheric lighting ambience.

Utility room

Efficient use of space

Discover our new pass-through tall housing that offers you a concealed transition to the utility room behind, while still keeping things tidy and making efficient use of space. Its simple and elegant design helps to keep your utility room an attractive and functional place. All in all, this elegant and practical cupboard is the perfect addition to any modern home decorator who values aesthetics and functionality.


Designing the utility room sensibly

Our practical tall housing for the utility room is the ideal solution for order and convenience. With its cleverly placed drop-in openings, the cupboard allows for convenient handling and organisation of laundry. This allows you to make the most of your untility room and master everyday life with ease.




Efficient LED lighting

Indispensable: Optimal lighting design in your kitchen not only ensures perfect working conditions but also a homely and comfortable ambience.
Thanks to efficient LED technology and modern control systems, our lighting concepts can be ideally implemented.

Create atmosphere

With flexible interior and cabinet lighting, you can bring light into the darkness and make your furniture shine. Whether as a light strip vertically or horizontally in the cabinet – or as a circular eye-catcher, built into the top or bottom shelf: The indirect lighting provides a soft, discreet light and a moody atmosphere.

Country House

Variety wins

Down to the smallest detail: complete your country kitchen with our diverse range. We carry matching wall shelves, cornice profiles, pilasters as well as niche and rear wall panelling in a grooved look.

artego Küchen · Sortiment Landhaus

More insight

An end shelf is an interesting planning detail: In the open country house kitchen with a grooved-look back panel, it enhances and loosens up the room. The open shelves are available to match the fronts, fully lacquered in many shades of our colour system.