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Meeting place for fresh inspiration

Meeting place for fresh inspiration

Kitchens with trendy surfaces in metal, wood and concrete look elegant and extravagant. The resistant surfaces look natural, but are much more robust and durable in the kitchen than their original material.
Front 1: 
  • Ancona / 45024 Jinmu
Front 2: 
  • Eco / 28023 Alpine White
Carcase decor: 
  • 023 Alpine White
  • 929 Black Supermatt  & 
  • 497 Alpine white
artego Küchen · Q3
Maximum loadable
They can take a lot: Thanks to our robust heavy-duty suspensions, even furniture elements such as this living wall with a high weight load appear to float lightly in the room.

A new kitchen is an investment that should pay off for years to come. We build on durable and sustainable quality in the materials that we process into excellent design variants – made in Germany.

Noble glass design

Discover the variety of types of high-quality glass for fronts that allow you to see inside. The interior and cabinet lighting provide an atmospheric lighting atmosphere.

Let yourself be inspired.