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Unique colour feeling

Unique colour feeling

Experience the exclusive beauty of FEEL: with its velvety soft surface, this kitchen invites you to touch and linger. The noble walnut colour harmonises perfectly with the subtle cashmere shade of FEEL, creating a warmth and uniqueness that enhances any room.
Front 1: 
  • Feel / 26019 Cashmere
Front 2: 
  • Trentino / 22051 Walnut
Carcase decor: 
  • 019 Cashmere
  • 419 Cashmere
artego Küchen · Q3
Q3-Additional wardrobe types front height 152
Our modern handleless tall housings with a front height of 152 cm allow a continuous front for 140 cm refrigerator niches and successfully combine functionality and aesthetic design. With large surfaces and seamless transitions, they offer a contemporary solution for your kitchen that captivates with simple elegance and at the same time provides sufficient space for your refrigerator.

A new kitchen is an investment that should pay off for years to come. We build on durable and sustainable quality in the materials that we process into excellent design variants – made in Germany.

Noble glass design

Discover the variety of types of high-quality glass for fronts that allow you to see inside. The interior and cabinet lighting provide an atmospheric lighting atmosphere.

Let yourself be inspired.